Let him love you.

Image    I haven’t written in a long time. I often find that I have too many thoughts to try to pin them down to make any kind of sense. I think the last time I wrote I said February 5th was a day that changed my life forever; I was wrong. June 6th is the day that will forever stay with me and be known as the day that my world stopped turning; that morning at 5:20 am, my Dad died. My real life superman, the man that was the strongest man I have ever known, the man that taught me so much about life and about what really matters, left this world. My dad is the strongest person I have ever known. He has so much hardship in his life and yet he never complained or questioned God. He is the best man I have ever known. He would do anything for you, anything. He taught me so much about what really matters in this life we have. He taught me that God and family were the most important things you can ever have. He had so many trials here, he took them all in stride. He never doubted God or questioned why this was a part of His plan for his life. He always told me that everything happens for a reason, and in this time I don’t understand this reason. I miss him. I took him for granted in so many ways, I never told him how much I admired him, I never told him often enough that I loved him. He was always so content with life. He loved what he did every day, he loved my mom with everything he had, and I was his baby girl, his pride and joy. I always knew no matter the circumstances that he loved me and was proud of me. He never missed a chance to tell me. He and my mom had the type of love that most people can only dream of. I hope that one day I have that type of love, the kind that withstands the trials and tribulations of this world. He taught me how a man should treat a woman and what a real man should be. I hope that when the time is right he will have had a hand in picking out that kind of man for me. I never realized how much I wanted him around for the things in my life. How I wanted him to see me get my GED and be the first one to cheer me on and embarrass me and yell “That’s my girl!”. To meet my first boyfriend and scare the living daylights out of him. To be there for the right guy to ask for my hand in marriage. To be there to give me away at my wedding. To be there when I have my first child and to tell me “You did good baby girl.” They say “you never know what you have till it’s gone” I now know the meaning of that. If you could learn anything out of my heartache I would hope It would be to cherish your dad and mom, especially if you’re a girl, cherish your dad. Tell him every chance you get that you love him and that you’re proud to be called his daughter. Let him embarrass you, let him scare your boyfriends, let him teach you how you are supposed to be treated. Mostly, just let him love you.

Author: littlebitsofme22

Hi, I'm Sam. 27. Southern sweetheart with a passionate soul, caring heart, and a want to change the world. Jesus, coffee, the written word, animals, and finding beauty in everything are some of my favorite things. I write about life, pop culture, body positivity, my journey of grief, living and dealing with Uterine Cancer, Depression, and God. I think a lot, so come along as I share my thoughts and little bits of this and that.

2 thoughts on “Let him love you.”

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom 3 years ago and it’s just terrible. Writing helps me a lot — maybe it will help you sort through your feelings as well.

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