We are a culture who has become apathetic to porn. Porn is not only damaging to those in the industry but also to those who view it. It changes a man’s perspective on how a women should act and look and it changes a woman’s perspective on how she should be treated and how she should behave. Sex is not meant to be mainstreamed in to something shallow and meaningless. It was meant to be something wonderful and full of emotion. The porn industry is closely related to human trafficking. Human beings were not meant to be used and abused, were are meant to be loved and cherished. I have been feeling convicted as of late and am searching and praying for the guidance and wisdom to change my view on this and become less apathetic to it.


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Hi, I'm Sam. 25. Southern sweetheart with a passionate soul, caring heart, and a want to change the world. Jesus, coffee, the written word, animals, and finding beauty in everything are some of my favorite things. On a journey to be whoever He says I am. I write about life, pop culture, body positivity, my journey of grief, living and dealing with Uterine Cancer, and God. I think a lot, so come along as I share my thoughts and little bits of this and that.

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