I don’t often feel the need to post about the music I’m listening to because it changes day to day and honestly, nothing I’ve been listening to has made such an impact on me. However, this album has blown away anything I have listened to as of late. I’m not generally a fan of metalcore but I do really love Memphis May Fire because I can tell what the lyrics are saying despite them being screamed in my ear. Anyway, on to this album; I wasn’t aware of it until I had saw some post on Matty Mullins’ twitter feed about it, so I thought i’d check it out and y’all I was blown away! I had tears in my eyes and could relate with most of the songs. I listen to music while doing just about everything but this album demanded my full attention. So I sat there and listened to the whole thing and just let the lyrics wash over me. It touched me in such a deep way that I’m sure these songs will quickly become some of my favorites. I’ll post the link here for the meaning behind the album. Check it out and give it a listen, it really is such a great record.

Here are my two favorite songs so far-

Beneath the skin and Sleepless nights

Hope you enjoy!


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Hi, I'm Sam. 25. Southern sweetheart with a passionate soul, caring heart, and a want to change the world. Jesus, coffee, the written word, animals, and finding beauty in everything are some of my favorite things. On a journey to be whoever He says I am. I write about life, pop culture, body positivity, my journey of grief, living and dealing with Uterine Cancer, and God. I think a lot, so come along as I share my thoughts and little bits of this and that.

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