Happy Mother’s day, momma.


“She made the most of her life no matter what the circumstances where. She filled her life with the things that made her happiest, which were rarely things. She did her best to enjoy every step of her journey and always made it a point to learn something from every situation, no matter how difficult the stretch of road she happened to be on. She laughed and danced and played and sang. She made everything more beautiful. She was brave and lovely and happy and kind. She forgave easily and loved freely. She was a friend to all. She spread words of hope and actions of kindness and days of fun. She believed the best in everyone. She sacrificed what was very good for what was best. She made choices that brought her peace and she protected that peace. She made boundaries. She came to terms with what her limitations were and turned them into strengths. She had a wild imagination and big dreams and hope big enough to make it all happen. She decided to be brave and knew there had to be a better way. She dug in and got to work. She tried and then she tried again and then she tried again. She believed that life was on her side and while not everything turns out perfectly, it always turns out like it should.”


You are the best person I know, you are my best friend, my biggest fan, my counselor, my helping hand, my other half. Thank your for all you do for me. Thank your sitting up with me and listening to all me fears and heartaches. You a true jem in a world that produces carbon copies. Thank you for your example and for your presence in my life. It is invaluable.

I love you, maj.