He came with love.


As I sit here in the early morning hours of Christmas day, I meditate on this day so many years ago; Thinking of Mary a young girl, in labor while in a stable filled with farm animals and their filth (no offense to you four legged guys) preparing to give birth to The Savior of the world, but to her it was her baby boy and Joseph, a mere human blessed with the task to lead a girl whom was carrying a child that wasn’t his and to father a child that world one day save him as well.

A song that is currently on repeat (you can listen to it here) “He came with love” by Memphis May Fire, describes it so simply, He came with love. God sent his only Son to give us deliverance from our sin. Wow. I’m not a mother but I am an aunt and they say that only an aunt can love like a mother, it’s hard for me to fathom the sacrifice that God gave of His divine Son and Mary gave of her human baby boy. That’s the ultimate love right there…

Christmas is hard without my dad but doubly as hard this year because of moving from the only home I’ve ever known. I cried earlier, as I seem to be doing a lot lately, but I read a piece of scripture that is so very popular around this time and is synonymous with the Christmas season. It reads,

“All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet; The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel- which means God with us” Matthew 1:22-23

God with us.

I have read and heard this countless times but it never took on the meaning it did tonight. Even though I am missing my earthly father, I have my Heavenly father who promises to be with me. In those time like tonight, when everyone is jolly and cheerful and I’m not. He’s there. He’s in those hard, dark places and He came with love to save me and you.

Whatever the form may be, He turns all darkness to light.

Man, it’s really hard to sit and wallowing in the grief and sadness that the holidays bring when I think about the true meaning of this season.

Merry Christmas,



Author: littlebitsofme22

Hi, I'm Sam. 26. Southern sweetheart with a passionate soul, caring heart, and a want to change the world. Jesus, coffee, the written word, animals, and finding beauty in everything are some of my favorite things. On a journey to be whoever He says I am. I write about life, pop culture, body positivity, my journey of grief, living and dealing with Uterine Cancer, Depression, and God. I think a lot, so come along as I share my thoughts and little bits of this and that.

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