A break from life



As most of you know I am an avid reader/bibliophile/bookworm. To date I have read 605 books! When I was little you could not get me to pick up a book but I loved to be read to. It was a nightly tradition in our house that I’d get ready for bed and mom would read while dad and I sat an listened. When dad got sick in 2008 I found distraction in 2 things; nail art and books. Moving forward a year or so I found The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and fell in love with the word she created. Til’ this day it is my favorite series! Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that movie or TV adaptations of my favorite books tend to make me cringe. Nothing can live up to the image I created in my head, so when the movie for City of Bones, the first book in the series, came about I followed the process closely. I can say that I haven’t ever seen a cast so right for the characters that I pictured in my head. I saw the movie and wished it could have been longer, unfortunately news came soon after that they would be postponing production on City of Ashes. Fast forward to beginning of 2015. I heard that they had optioned the rights to a TV show of the series called Shadowhunters. I was interested to see how this would play out. Casting followed and I was very disappointed in the choice for 3 of the main characters; Jace, Luke, and Clary. They just did not fit my image of what they looked like but regardless I knew I would give the show a shot. Now to the present. I just watched the first 2 episodes of the show and I have to say I am both unimpressed and intrigued all at the same time. We’ll start with the latter first. I’m intrigued because of how totally different it is from the book and the movie, so I’m curious to see what else changes. Also, Alec is a total babe! Now as a ultimate Mortal Instrument fan I have to say what I’m absolutely hating about this version. First, my man Luke in the book and movie is perf! He’s my favorite character so I’m slightly biased. Aidan Turner is exactly as I pictured Luke Garroway, so when it comes about that Luke in the TV show is played by Isaiah Mustafa I was shocked! Luke is not black, y’all! (P.S. totally not racist at ALL, btw) That kinda cursed the whole show on my part. Also on Luke, he owned a book store. He was not a police detective. The pack’s hideout was in a police station, folks. Secondly Jace, Dominic Sherwood is not Jace Wayland/Morganstern/Lightwood/Herondale! Jamie Campbell Bower is the perfect Jace, imo! Now let’s talk about the Silent Brothers entrance into the City of Bones. It was in a cemetery not some bridge underpass that looks like it’s meant to found! Also the Institute! Where’s Church and why are they other shadowhunters there?! I guess lastly, my qualm with the show is the actress who plays Clary’s voice. Y’all, she is so whinny sounding I just can’t with her! I simply have to continue watching to see what other things they have taken liberties with. Also, Alec 😉


These Gifts


Yesterday was your 60th birthday. You loved your birthday, I think I get my child-like spirit from you. It’s something I cherish now that you’re gone. Birthdays are a gift to be treasured. Think about it, they celebrate another year of life, of breathing, of opportunities; yet when you’re celebrating a birthday of someone that has passed away it is a sour memory that they’re not here to have all those things. With your birthday it’s such a bittersweet thing because you found such great joy in yours. I miss you, dad. So much. I took for granted moments we had because I thought we’d have thousands more together. I treasure the ones that I do have and they’ve become priceless moments I will always hold dear. Truthfully, I wanted to write some poignant piece about celebrating birthdays but I just don’t have that in me today. I wish you were here, it’s not the same without you. I feel like you would have the right thing to say and know just what steps to take in these hard times. Yet, we’re left here trying to live without you, it’s like missing a vital organ. We flounder without it. Dad, I know without one iota of doubt where you are and I take heart in that but the earth weeps without your presence.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Love you forever.

Years fly by, but the heart stays in the same place.

-Harlan Coben