A day forever ingrained.

“The world will turn and we’ll grow. We’ll learn how to be, to be incomplete…”

It’s been 3 years today since you left us. I think that day will forever be ingrained in my mind. I felt my heart break that morning. I miss you, dad. We miss you. The world isn’t the same without you, it feels as if it’s missing a vital part. I miss you all the time but the dance of grief is becoming a familiar companion. Some days I cry because I wish for one more of your hugs and other days I smile knowing you’re always walking with me. I’m a better person because I had you as an example of what a good person should be. There is not a day that goes by that there isn’t a memory or funny story of you come up. You are still such a integral part of our life. We’re learning how to live without you. Some days it’s harder, others it’s a bit easier. I can’t help but think you’re missing some of the most important parts of my life and I can’t help but think that is so unfair. I need your guidance, dad. Life is so hard and constantly changing. I think about all the trials and changes you endured. You had this outlook on life that I hope to have a 1/3 of. Despite dealing with my health, we’re in a good place now. Days are not always a struggle. Smiles and laughter come easier. We put one foot in front of the other and carry on, despite the days we don’t want to. I hope I make you proud. The world still spins madly on and we carry you in our hearts, while we learn that we’ll always be incomplete.

I love you, dad.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. -Matthew 5:4





Author: littlebitsofme22

Hi, I'm Sam. 26. Southern sweetheart with a passionate soul, caring heart, and a want to change the world. Jesus, coffee, the written word, animals, and finding beauty in everything are some of my favorite things. On a journey to be whoever He says I am. I write about life, pop culture, body positivity, my journey of grief, living and dealing with Uterine Cancer, Depression, and God. I think a lot, so come along as I share my thoughts and little bits of this and that.

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