Depression is like living in a deep bottomless pit. A void that you can never get out of.

They say practice self-care. Get out of bed, exercise, drink water. But what about when you see these people that do those things make you feel jealous and self conscious?

They say make plans but what about those that don’t want to be around you so they put you off or when your anxiety makes it to where the night before plans is so sleepless and wracked with overwhelming thoughts?

What about those people who disappeared the minute you talk about suicide and how worthless you feel?

What about those that are family but don’t recognize how sick you are and think that basically you’re faking having cancer?

What happens when you’re in so much pain day in and day out that you physically can’t do much?

What happens when you’re so financially strapped that you can’t make your appointments and your car is falling apart to the point it’s so loud you get physically sick riding in it?

How am I to make changes when I’m literally left with nothing? 

Until you walk in those shoes you have no idea how it feels. Take a minute to see how you’re behavior

might affect that person. Be there when you say you care.