Like Jesus Would.


I’m up at odd hours now. I sit here in my chair and just admire the beauty of our Christmas tree. It’s old and missing some of its needles. It’s lights are missing in some places but it holds only good memories. All the ornaments are special, either they’re handmade or have a special meaning. Every year we would decorate the tree and then turn out all the lights and my dad would say “look at that. It’s beautiful.” It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect to us. I can’t help but think that’s how God sees us. People have such flawed versions of what beauty is and no matter how much we might wish to change that version, it won’t happen. If you look back at the centuries you’ll notice how versions of beauty have changed. It sounds clich√©, but what we look like doesn’t contribute anything but outward adornment and decoration for this world. Your soul and your heart matter. People will claim it’s all in the name of health, but boil it down and it’s because you don’t look like everyone else. My point with this is, this Christmas season examine your heart. Your motives behind what you say. Be a little kinder, judge a little less. Love people like Jesus would; just because their people.

All that glitters.


I think Christmas lights are one of the most magical sights there is. It seems like this time of year is all about decorating your house or trees with those little fascinating lights. Y’all, let’s have real talk right now; we don’t even have a tree up this year. We’re not being all bah-humbuggy, we’ve just been packing and trying to move before the first of the year. I miss it more than I ever thought I would, I would always complain about the tree being scratchy(yes, we use a fake tree because this girl is allergic to the real thing) and so time consuming, but y’all, it was so worth that effort and now I see that. Isn’t that life though, never knowing what you have until you don’t have it anymore? I don’t think Mary was like that though. I think she knew just how amazing and life changing Jesus was going to be. That’s what this season is about. Not the buying of gifts, or trimming of trees, or singing carols. It’s about that little baby born in a stable. I think we get so caught up in the materialistic traditions that we don’t truly realize the significance of this. I’m not saying that I’m immune to this, but there is something to be said for having to focus and rely 100% on God during this season that just brings this to light. It’s a overwhelming feeling to have this revelation of sorts; God sent His ONLY son to save us all. Think about that, let it soak in… I’m not a mother of human children, yet. But speaking from Mary’s POV, how excruciatingly painful would it be to bare a child whom you know is something so precious and special and then to know that He was sent to rescue us weary sinners, yourself included, with His life?! I guess my whole point in this is how busy we get with the lights and tinsel and we overlook the whole reason we celebrate this holiday. I think when you really stop and ponder that, it puts everything into perspective a little bit. I am so thankful God sent His son. I’m so thankful for His mercy and grace that is new every morning and the joy that only comes from knowing Him. With that, I hope you have the Merriest of Christmases and remember that Jesus is the reason why we celebrate.

Much love,


Blue Christmas.

¬†006-2It’s Christmas Eve. If it weren’t posted everywhere for me to see, I’d have a hard time believing it. Normally this day holds so much excitement and joy for me, but this year it lacks that. This year is different. This is my first Christmas without my dad. On Christmas Eve we would always be rushing about. You could feel excitement thick in the air. We were always out shopping for last-minute somethings. I get it honest, we are a bunch of procrastinators. Christmas was always my dad’s favorite time of year, next to his birthday. I’ll never forget how excited he got about either of those events. I get my childlike spirit from him, my birthday is my favorite too. I watched a video of my first Christmas the other day, it was emotional to say the least. I sat there and watched love and adoration pour out of my dad as he watched me open up my gifts. He was so happy just to be there to experience this milestone in my life. The video played some more and showed him opening up something, a jacket, I think. He was so genuinely pleased and thankful for that gift. He was always like that. I remember most years I’d have very little to spend on my parents and would buy him a dollar store tool. You would have thought I had given him the most precious jewel, to him it was precious. I remember him watching as I would open my gift on Christmas mornings. He would be so focused on watching me and he never failed to be so enthusiastic about it. His go to saying was “oh boy, looky there”. Amother thing I remember is how he loved Christmas lights. I’ll never forget how he would always comment on our Christmas tree all lit up, “man, that is just so beautiful”. I think I miss his spirit most. I compare it to the beauty of Christmas lights, always twinkling, always bringing joy to someone else. Going through life you never realize what’s in front of you and I am no exception to that, I missed having the most amazing human being in my life for 21 years. There is so much to learn from him. He always knew what was most important, God and his family. He was thankful for what he had and didn’t sweat the rest. He knew that God had him. He knew the true meaning of Christmas. He knew that Jesus is the reason for the season and not gifts. I hope I don’t ever stop learning from him. My dad was the most amazing human I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I hope that by reading this you remember what’s most important about this season. I hope you, not only show, but tell the people you hold most dear what they really mean to you, not just this time of year, but all the time. You never know what day might be your last.

Dad, I hope your first Christmas in heaven is better than anyone you ever had here on earth. I miss you. I love you. Merry Christmas, Dad.

My wish for you is a Christmas full of Christ’s love. For Jesus is the real reason for the season. Go tell someone you love, what they mean to you.
Merry Christmas from me to you.